Tax Advisory Support

Tax planning is a very wide topic.  Some examples of events when you might decide to call us are when you or your client:

-     Is facing a larger than normal tax bill.

-     Is about to sell a business or another asset.  

-     Is worried about Inheritance Tax and wants to avoid the heirs having to sell the family jewels.

-     Is thinking of buying or selling property.

-     Has a business which is considering setting up an overseas operation.

-     Wants to let the key personnel in the business acquire ownership.

-     Wants to rationalise ownership of assets around the family.

We want to help get the best outcome for clients which, in many circumstances is not necessarily the most obvious one.  We are never reliant on aggressive tax avoidance schemes, which probably are ineffective. 

Between all of the members of our team, we can handle all areas of UK tax advice which an entrepreneur in business or any individual at a personal level requires.  We don’t need to bring in support teams.  We have limited overheads, so the cost of the advice will be substantially less than the big firms, but the quality will be the same.  Actually, in many cases, we can do better than the big firms because we are not constrained by layers of internal regulation.

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