Code of Practice 8 Investigations

HMRC’s Specialist Investigation Units, under their “Fraud and Avoidance” Directorate, investigate many individuals, businesses, trustees, structures and other scenarios under the COP8 procedure in  cases where HMRC do not suspect tax fraud and therefore do not use their Contractual Disclosure Facility (COP9) processes.  This is often the way HMRC chooses to investigate tax avoidance schemes.

When HMRC believe there is an attempt to pay less than the correct – in their view - amount of tax or a taxpayer seeks to take a tax advantage from a tax scheme or arrangements to reduce or eliminate tax liabilities, HMRC will investigate the matter thoroughly under COP 8.  HMRC’s aim is to successfully challenge the position and to recover the tax due plus obtain interest and penalties (up to 100% of the tax) owed.  Whilst COP8 is not a tax fraud investigation to CDF or COP9 standards, if HMRC establish evidence of tax fraud, they may transfer the case to one of CDF or COP9 or possibly begin a criminal investigation.

 HMRC openly advise that if you are subject to a COP8 investigation you should seek expert help.

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