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HMRC's EBT Settlement Opportunity is intended to encourage employers and companies who had used EBTs and similar structures to settle early any outstanding tax and NICs without the need for HMRC to consider litigation.

The principle behind the Settlement Opportunity is that HMRC will seek to settle outstanding enquiries on the basis that payments and allocations made to individuals out of EBTs will be treated as earnings from an employment and the income taxed once and for all on that basis.

In addition, and depending on the way in which any individual schemes may have been set up and implemented, to achieve clarity and closure for customers in respect of their use of EBTs settlements can cover:

Once the detail of any settlement is agreed it:

HMRC recommends that anyone considering the EBT Settlement Opportunity should firstly seek advice from a professional advisor.

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We have been dealing with HMRC related troubles for over 50 years, having dealt with hundreds of cases both as former HMRC Investigators and assisting and supporting clients in our time in practice.  Our clients tell us that they value our extensive knowledge and genuine “hands on” approach to any matter involving HMRC disputes and difficulties.

We operate nationally, or internationally, and are not tied to our desks.  We believe in giving a no nonsense level of support with affordable fees and costs.  Our pricing structure is affordable, and we will fixed budgets for our engagements avoiding the traditional open-ended, "on the clock" approach of larger firms and our competitors.

To discuss this with us on a non-judgmental, discrete and no cost basis call our helpline 0800 001 6686 or contact us here today.

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