UK-Swiss Tax Agreement

The UK - Swiss tax transparency agreement became effective in January 2013 and HMRC have now sent thousands of letters to those in the UK who are affected.

The agreement results in HMRC now having information from the Swiss authorities of income, assets and investments held by named UK residents in the Swiss banking system.

The Swiss agreement introduces a significant levy of between 19% and 34% of the capital held at 31 December 2010.  This one-off levy is treated as full settlement of earlier years’ tax, interest and penalties and the levies withheld by the Swiss authorities will be handed over to the UK.  Where that happens, anonymity of the account holder will be maintained.

After the one-off 2013 levy an annual withholding tax is also automatically taken from Swiss accounts at specified rates of 48% for interest, 40% for dividends and 27% for capital gains.  Again, these payments are made to the UK on an anonymous basis.

The only way to avoid these high levies is for the account holder to authorise the Swiss authorities to disclose their accounts to HMRC or to come forward in the UK and disclose to HMRC here.

Where tax has not previously been declared we believe there are two options:

In further developments, HMRC has now started writing to UK based holders of Swiss accounts, asking them to sign one of three certificates.  They are:

 All three certificates need careful handling to make sure that the declaration ultimately made to HMRC is the right one for you.

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